Thursday, February 12, 2009


This is Great Grandpa tractor. Look'it the blade on that sucker.I crept closer......he snarled so I hightailed it. This is Grandpa Tractor. He has seen better days.
The person who took this photo did so from the car...while driving...and ought to repent.
This is Poppa tractor. He is in his prime. He is teaching baby tractor a thing or two. Cousin truck and boat are snickering in the background. "Don't 'cha know you can't teach that baby nothin'? Those little ones never listen."
This is Momma. She is expecting. You can tell by the bulge around her middle.
I took these photos while shooting for a post I'm going to call, "Junk People Keep." I'm sure you can hardly wait. You won't believe some of the things people keep. Including me! And if you don't believe it just ask Gilmore Girl. She'll tell you.


JJ said...

what a fun post, great shots and a lovely commentary

Looking forward to the junk people keep post

Michael Rawluk said...

Will there be chairs in that post "Junk People Keep"?
Word varification: messess

Pam's Place said...

I love tractors. Thanks for the memories, Lynne.

Tierney said...

I love the tractor family! You are so creative. Your blog makes me happy. The momma tractor is the cutest of all, with her prego belly!

hillary said...

It's true people. She does have lots and LOTS of interesting junk. But my dad won't let us look at any of it. He's VERY protective.

Love your tractors.

Shawn said...

You must live in Tractorville.

Sooooo many tractors and so little time!