Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Tonight was card class. Our card class friend had six cards ready for us to make. She won't take any money for them. She designs them, buys all the supplies, pre-makes part of them, and then welcomes us into her home for as long as we want to stay. She is amazing.

Here are my favorites. This one is made like a quilt, all the colored pieces are different bits of scrapbook papers. We pieced them together on the back and then turned it over to see how it looked.

This one folds open, the first heart says, "Love," and the second one says, "You." There is room for a personal message under the 2nd heart.
The "candle" on this cupcake pulls up to read, "You take the cake."The white part on this one is embossed and a little gold heart hangs from the "E."
One of the women who comes to card class couldn't come tonight. She is home with a bad cough and is trying to get well so she can go to Oregon for her grandchild's baptism. She sent fabulous chocolate waffle cookies for everyone there!
This woman is the Primary President in our ward which means she is in charge of all the children, age three to twelve for two hours every Sunday. It is a huge calling and she is always smiling. How does she manage that job with such grace? I have been in a Primary Presidency as a counselor and I can tell you it was a huge job and I was just a counselor.

Two extraordinary women--women who go the extra mile and even a whole lot more. I am privileged to have them as friends.


Annette said...

I'm so glad you showed the pictures of the cards. She does such beautiful work. I love the cupcake one especially. I'm kind of OCD about cupcakes lately. Aprons, fabric, stands, etc. We'll have to have a cupcake party and invite anyone that wants to come and of course taste every flavor there is to taste. Love to you and friends.

Bonnie said...

I loved these cards. My 2 favorites were LOVE on the embossed paper and the two heart that said LOVE YOU. Since I have no artistic ability whatsoever, I really admire people who are so artistically creative. You have some wonderful friends. However, I have a theory. It is because you are so terrific, Lynne, that you attract friends who are wonderful just like you are.

I apologize for not commenting on your blog lately. I have been busy on several projects. I don't know how you and all your friends find time to do so much.

JJ said...

They sure do sound wonderful woman, and great shot of the crafts

Re your comment, yes When I was processing that shot I thought of the I am legend Movie also

Tierney said...

wow. I got so far behind on your blog. I am a bad person. Or a good person doing bad things. Or a good person NOT doing good things. These cards are the cutest ever. If I lived by you, I would beg to come to card class.