Sunday, February 1, 2009


This is Butterfly. She is nine years old. This is a record of her birthday present "day out" with Grandma. She wanted to go to the Chinese Buffet and then to the movie.
Here she is, ready to go.
Strapped in.
All day she had a hard time opening the door. She's just a little bitty thing, 4 feet 11 inches tall. Perusing the buffet. She fixed two plates. Look at them! Do you see ANYTHING Chinese on there at all? Okay, pot stickers but that's it.

Oh, wait. She did get one of those buns with sugar on it. That might be Chinese.
When it came time for dessert she was faced with a decision. All these beautiful choices plus frozen yogurt in two flavors plus a swirled version.

She chose one cookie. One! "I'm stuffed, " she said. Everybody gets stuffed on four tablespoons of food and three potstickers.
After lunch we had a half hour to kill so we went to a furniture store to see what kind of furniture she would buy when she's all grown up. By the way, she wants to be a mom when she grows up.
She's partial to animal prints.
And jewelry.
The movie she wanted to see was MADAGASCAR 2--ESCAPE FROM AFRICA.She laughed in all the lovey-dovey spots. I bought her some Sour Patch Kids.Very sour. The movie projector blew a tube or a light bulb or something so we waited for a half hour for the movie to start. When it did she was very attentive. On the way home she took photos. Here they are: Keep your eyes on the road, Grandma. The guardians.
Trees in a row.
Another entrance to the Bungalow, where her parents had their wedding reception.
Not all of Butterfly's photos were perfect but, for some reason, I love this one. It wasn't snowing, it was shot through the dirty windshield and the camera focused on the spots.

When we got her home, her dad, my son, Kraut, was sitting in the living room, reading. I took his picture. He has the "make-a-face-at-mom gene." Do all children do this?

And now you can perhaps tell why there are seven children in that household.
It was a good day with Butterfly. I was so pleased she wanted time with me for her birthday.


Cindy said...

What a very fortunate Grandma!! Butterfly is beautiful, and great photographer, and so wise to know that it is a wonderful to be a mother!!

Annette said...

What a wonderful account of your day with Butterfly. She is beautiful and so are you -- inside and out.

Michael Rawluk said...

It looks like a great day. I, too, love that shot through the spotty windshield.

Tierney said...

What a delightful outing. I love all the pictures. The buffet looked interesting, and she and Meghan share an affinity for Sour Patch Kids. The picture of your son and his wife is darling, and I love the picture with the dirty window spots.

Lots of love,


hillary said...

What a good idea Butterfly had. A day with you is what I want for my birthday also. And one with Dad, but on a different day. So I can party twice.

That last picture is gross. And offensive. I'm heaving chunks right now. loveyou'bye