Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Poo~Pourri, available here.


Shawn said...

Great idea! Where do I find this?

By the by---I am here!! When are we doing lunch?

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Evan's Gatehouse in Orem--672 S State St - Suite D. Used to be called Evan's Country Store.

Tomorrow morning is out. I'm supposed to have a chapter or at least half a chapter written for group and guess what? Zilch. I really should get busy. Instead I'm blogging!

Let me know. Can't wait to see your beautiful face.

Annette said...

Now that looks very interesting. Did you buy some? I'll be waiting for a product review before I indulge!

hillary said...

You need some of that....for dad....I'm just sayin'

Tierney said...

Please send some poo pourri to me. Danger had a diaper that was leaking, and she crawled all over the living room, and well, the Zans need some poo pourri desperatli

p.s. your good blog is keeping me up too later (cause I was already up too late)