Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I apologize for this blurry photo. It was taken through the window of a moving car.

I loved that this man had a milk carton fixed to his handlebars and that he is sitting on a big red pillow.

I don't think he is worried about what anyone thinks about how he looks. He has needs and he figured out how to fill them. So what if it looks a little goofy? Who defines goofy anyway?

We should be so brave. We should be able to say to the world how we feel and what we want/need. How else are we going to learn to live together in harmony and acceptance?


Jack Sprat said...

You are a wise and kind soul.

Catherine said...

Lynnes, that's exactly what I try to make my children figure out concerning "dress code". Is it so important to get trade names on one's clothes?
I think that wisdom of not judging on appearances comes with age!

TeamGornold said...

I wonder if he fell off of his bike if he would fall to the left or to the right. I wonder if his bike frame is scratched. I wonder how his de-railers look. I wonder... ha ha ha. B did apologize, and he said that he wished he would have expressed being more proud of me for going out rather than bothered about a fall. He never did check out my bike because he was certain that it was okay.
Oh I love that boy.

tearese said...

I wish everyone could think that way!

Astromom said...

Though, sometimes when I'm being creative or practical like that I end up looking back on myself and feeling silly. Though my back door is proof, just let protocol go out the door.(I am doing a painting on my back door)