Saturday, May 24, 2008


We worked on the garden today and got most of it planted. Actually Phil did 95% of the work. He dug the holes for all the veggies. He mixed in the fertilizer. He added the compost. Lynne handed the plants to Phil. Phil put the plants in the holes. He watered the planted plants. He's a good sport because when we were finished he said, "Look what we have done!"

It doesn't look like much yet but in a week or so he will put up his trellis's and it will be impressive looking.

We haven't planted broccoli for years. My neighbor always does and when she has fresh broccoli I am jealous. Now I remember why we don't grow broccoli--too late I remember. It's because of the little green worms that you simply cannot see--no matter how hard you look--until the broccoli is steamed and then you see it on someone else's plate AND SO DO THEY. Oh joy.

Basil is my most loved garden item. I eat it right out of the garden. I eat it on open face tomato sandwiches. But most of all I love it in Summer Pasta which we eat about twice a week as soon as the tomatoes are ripe. Copy the recipe because it is fabulous. I promise. Be sure and plant some basil.

This is the horrible taller-than-a-sky-scraper tree that our neighbors have in their yard. It is three feet--if that--from our fence. It shades our garden all afternoon.

See? It's humongous. Our poor garden does it's best.

This I bought by mistake. I thought I had grape tomatoes. So I planted three and will give the rest away and try and find grape tomatoes somewhere. I have no idea if this is a good tomato or not.

My neighbor, the Gardening Guru, thinks I have planted my squash in the wrong place because a row of beans are going in to the east of it and the beans will shade the squash until it gets an hour or two of sunlight and then gigantic-tree will shade it. Oh well. No crookneck for me.

It's too bad I don't know how to grow rhubarb.

I don't know how to grow it out front either. This patch is handy to the lawn swings for the grandkids to eat while entertaining their grandparents. We are hosting a Father's Day dinner here and I know the pile of rhubarb peelings will be enormous. Those grandkids know a good thing when they see it.

To eat rhubarb, peel it, throw away the leaf--it's toxic--salt the rhubarb and eat. Yum.

And if anyone wants a whole box full of horseradish come and dig it up. I have never, not once, used it and it is prolific. I don't fertilize it or even water it most of the time and yet it thrives.

So, that's the beginning of our garden. We have two boxes left to plant, those grape tomatoes, if I can find them and a row of beans so I can make dilly beans. Lord Bumhampton told me he would like three cases of dilly beans for Christmas. Three cases! That's 36 quarts of dilly beans. I'll do what I can Lord Bumhampton but I'm not promising three cases. Or even one, actually. How about some creative begging?


Anonymous said...

yippy I am the first to comment. You garden looks glorious RIGHT NOW. And in a few weeks it will look spectacular and grand. Heed may not have dilly beans unless he helps with the process. He has NEVER helped with the process so he does not know what he is asking. Neither of us love him 3 cases worth. You know it's true. loveyoubye yfc

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I would like to put in my order:D
Dilly beans sound delish but its that rhubarb that you can't grow and it does not grow here... that i am really drooling over... my mom always had alot growing and it is best when out playing... straigh from the plant :D
HUGS laura

Teresa said...

Your garden looks great! We garden too. As a matter of fact we checked it out tonight and I think we'll be harvesting some broccoli tomorrow! Soak your broccoli in saltwater before you steam will draw out the worms. You may have to set a heavy bowl on something down on top of the broccoli to keep it under water.

We also grow basil...I love making homemade pesto. Yum!

I usually work in the garden like you do, but since my husband had open heart surgery I've had to do a lot more! It's been fun though. :o)

Catherine said...

I know that veggies with worms are a sign of health food, but I prefer ignoring the thing about green worms in brocolis!
However, Lynnes, you can speak to me about basil until tomorrow and send me recipes and recipes with it!I love it, everywhere, especially with tomatoes + mozzarella. I'll try your summer pasta recipe. 8 times a month you said? We'll see if I'll break the record.
Happy to see that there're Americans who eat healthly!