Thursday, May 22, 2008


'Two days now I haven't eaten sugar. Kind of.

Day one: I ate two cake crumbs before I remembered. They were delicious.

Day two: I ate one Jr. Mint before I remembered. I hadn't swallowed yet so I spit it out. It was a sad thing, witnessing that chocolaty spit going down the drain.

My sister is off sugar too. She is going to stay off sugar until her cruise so she can loose five pounds so she can gain five pounds on the ship. I am not jealous. I am not jealous. I am not jealous. Not jealous of the cruise or the five pounds.

I am sure you can hear the sincerity in my voice.

Tonight, instead of eating a tasty treat I am eating pistachios.

And I'm drinking lots of water. So, the salty pistachios and the water will combine and I will GAIN five pounds.

But, I'll have the satisfaction of knowing I'm off sugar. Two whole days. Wanna go off sugar with me? I hear there is strength in numbers.


Michael Rawluk said...

Pistachios are so good that they are probably bad for you.
I confess - I had some chocolate tonight. On the up side, it was Fair Trade chocolate.

Jen Evans said...

I should really go off sugar. I started a no sugar diet in April and lost 5 pounds, but then we bought some delicious Otis Spunkenmeyer cookies from Costco. I eat about 2-3 each night. So I gained back (at least) 5 pounds. But strength in numbers!

Pam's Place said...

Congratulations on your second day, Lynne! The hardest part is over. Just a few more days and you won't miss it at all.

That you could spit out a Junior Mint shows what strong character you have. I'm sure I would have savored it and thought, Oh well, it was already in my mouth.

I'll try to work into going off sugar with you. You're already two days ahead of me. Aaaack!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

like pam if it made it into the mouth It certianly would not be pit out.... nope nope nope...
its soooo hard to get off sugar but after 7 days it gets easier...until the first grain crosses the blood brain barrier then look out!

To answer your question from my blog... how do I do it.... some times one second at a time, other times one hour at a time, some times one day at a time and usually with alot of protesting LOL.

I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Moffitt Mania said...

I'll go off of sugar with you! I actually started yesterday to stop eating tons of sugar like I do every day! I did ok....I did have a healthy choice fudge bar...but that is sugar free...(or so the box says!) And I did eat a hand full of apple jacks..which I am sure is loaded....but other than that I did ok!

Karen Deborah said...

I'm on my 3rd day, but I've had 3 teasp of sugar in 3 cups of tea. The main thing is the candy, the ice cream, the chocolate in any fashion. You have cake? I could not start this with a cake in the house, I love cake.
ohhhhh man,......

Astromom said...

I'll join you for as long as I can, I think that is a great goal. It's nice when you know someone else is doing it with you. Thanks for the challenge.

Catherine said...

I am not jealous either, I am not jealous either. Do I have to repeat it each time I'm thinking to chocolate?
I've begun 3 weeks ago, and lost 4 kgs that makes around 8 pounds, I suppose. But this evening we're invited, and we bring what?......the dessert, no way to avoid it! You're with me, Lynnes. I won't be able to refuse, I'm polite : )
That means another week of efforts!
Good Sugar-Free-Week-End.