Friday, May 9, 2008


This is the very sister that I've written about from the very unreasonable view of the kid sister.

She hasn't read my stories yet so I'm still living. Just kidding, she is very forgiving and knows how it really was--from the viewpoint of the BIG sister. She would certainly disagree with this one--this one--and this one. The disclaimer is here.

Anyway, she is a lovely person--now that she no longer bosses me around. Wait a minute, she still bosses me around. And anyway, she not the big sister, but the little one, she's just the older sister. A lot older. Hee hee.

Here is her friend, JoAnne who has known her from college days. She gave her this cute bag full of goodies. JoAnne is the second darlingest person on the earth. Julie is the first. I have to say that, she's my sister.

Isn't that cute, a carafe and goblets for Julie and her hubby's morning juice.

Happy Birthday, big/littler/older sister. I love you,

PS What did I give my sister for her very birthday, you ask?

Well, first off, in my defense, she always usually doesn't like what I give her and she takes it back. Second, I couldn't find what I wanted to give her locally. I was just going to order it online when I found out SHE JUST BOUGHT HERSELF ONE LAST WEEK! I ask you, is that nice? No, but it's what older, bossy sisters do.

Got any suggestions?


Aunt Sally said...

Give her photo lessons and tell her all 'bout depth of field and that light stuff and focus and composition with the rule of thirds and the use of golden triangles in those compositions and F-stops and but keep your potty mouth to yourself. But then you USAnians are kind of strange but still you are the photographic expert with your fancy-dancy camera and and maybe your shoot a series of photographs of chairs and then post them with a new (or old) chair every day for a month or so and then maybe do them all again because you are so gosh-darned funny.
Have to go. The doctor is coming and he has a mean look on his face and a big needle in his hand.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Dear Aunt Sally, who may or may not be a hose-head,

I hope the medication helps and send some down here to me, in the USA--without the Anians, which sounds like a dirty word--because I have ruptured something.

Cris n Nick said...

Woah! blog stalker on the loose!
Hi B's Mamma, it's Raw chicken, you are so funny. Shirt keeps telling me to look at your blog and I've never commented, but it's so cute and you make me laugh out loud. Sitting here by myself just a-laughing at your funniness.
You're too too cute, just thought I'd pop in and let you know that!

Cris n Nick said...

By the way, I am pretty sure you're right, Shirt was dad's favorite, she had to be. She got away with a lot more crap than I ever could have!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Happy Birthday older little sister :-)
Hoe you ladies all have a wonderful Mothers day!
Hugs Laura

stampingqueen said...

I happen to know your big sis had a great time at lunch - and I never know what to get her either. She's hard to shop for. And it doesn't help that Joann always knows the perfect thing to get everyone - it's a special talent she has.
Keep the stories coming - I love hearing about my MIL's childhood, even if it is from a biased point of veiw (besides, I was the bossy older sister so I like hearing about it from the baby).

Love Ya,

Astromom said...

I'd share some of your writings about your mom and flattering ones about her. She'd love that more than anything material. You know just what to say to have people feel good about themselves, I'm sure that by itself, is more precious then gold to her.

Moffitt Mania said...

Grammy! This reminded me to call her and wish her a happy bday! I told her about it too and she said you told her you put some nasty things about her haha!