Monday, May 26, 2008


I was going to title this post: "Rain, rain, go away," but thought, How ungrateful. We are coming out of a drought and I am whining about the rain. One of the talks in church yesterday was about gratitude, and so I'm going to be grateful. The rain as glorious. That's what I've decided. And really, it is.

Glorious rain. Washes the earth clean of the stains of all kinds of things from the potting soil I spilled to the dirt on the car. The dust is washed off the trees, the grass is refreshed, the streams and rivers are plumped and the fish eat bits of tasty fish-snacks that have tumbled into the water.

The weather is cool. Perhaps next week we will be sweltering, the air conditioners thrumming into the evenings. One neighbor runs his air conditioner all night. No open windows for him. They should know the feel of the breeze--if there is one--or the joy of kicking off covers and sleeping on top of the sheets.

When the kids were younger and our car's air conditioner gasped it's last we rolled the windows down. When we passed cars with the window's rolled up I would tell the kids, "Oh, look at those poor people. They don't get to experience summer." We laughed our way though the hot days and didn't feel sorry for ourselves a bit.

And so, I am going to love the rain tomorrow and if we get rain the next day I am going to enjoy that too. And if we get sweltering days I am going to kick covers. I'm going to experience whatever we get and be happy about it.

I'm even going to repent of all my whining about the endless winter. Yes sir-ree, I'm going to repent.

We aren't going to get more winter, are we? Because it's easier to repent if you know there won't be a repeat of what caused all the whining in the first place. No more winter, right? I'm just askin'.


Pam's Place said...

Oh, Lynne, I'm so ashamed of whining about the weather. You made me see the light. (what there is of it thru these crummy gray clouds)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

isn't gratitude so much more fullfilling that well lack of... I love the rain and everytime i am asked what season I love best... I always have to say ... what ever season it is next as I LOVE them all!
and I love the 6 word posts that make me think LOL OWIE!~

Aprilyn said...

I recently decided to stop whining about the weather too. We NEED the rain. I'm glad we have it!

tearese said...

having the windows open smells better, but it makes it hard to sleep: cars going by, curtains rattling, doors blowing back and forth in the house. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

I love your attitude, Lynne. Reminds me of the time our car broke down on the interstate. We had 5 miles to walk home, but along the walk we talked about all the things we could be thankful for regarding our breakdown. It turned out to be almost fun and funny,too.

Catherine said...

Thanks for the rain in spring which makes the pollen fall to the ground! You're right Lynnes, there's always a way to rejoice with every little details of our existence! I love that way of thinking. I must admit, I don't always act that way! We're human, no?