Friday, May 30, 2008


Where would we be without our friends?

I have four emails from friends open and two half answered. I need to write to my sister, two other friends and an old friend from high school that I have just reconnected with. This all takes time but I am always open to spending time with friends, whether in person or via email or phone--just don't ask me to do the calling--I hate to call, for some reason. I should probably spend less time doing all this and more time folding the laundry and tossing the clutter and fixing dinner but....

Friends are a gift you give yourself. They come and go, like the tide, sometimes very important and other times not so much but always there, making loving ocean noises in the background of your life. When you need them they come rushing in like a tsunami--a non-destructive, loving tsunami--and then when things calm down they slip into the ocean, that we call life, and murmur good things to you occasionally and they are always there.

I can probably had less than 50 good friends in my life. Probably way less. Not many, considering I've lived in a lot of places and on both ends of the nation. Almost all of them are women. The men are complicated. They have wives who mentally snarl and snap if he even thinks of remaining friends with another woman. Why is that? They are trustworthy men, they would never think of doing or saying anything inappropriate. There are a few men I would like to remain friends with. They are wise and funny and good. I miss them but I know we can't be friends because their wives don't like it. I guess that's why. I wish it weren't so.

Phil has a good friend that is a woman. They became friends a few years ago and have remained close. I am her friend too but not like Phil. She is married, has kids and would never think of Phil in any way but friendship. I'm happy they are friends.

I am so lucky to have the good friends I have. I spent time with some of them today, sharing our life stories. I am spending time with some of them right now, writing emails--that I really ought to finish so I can go to bed so I guess I'll wind this up.

Cherish your friends. Don't loose touch with them, like I have done so often as we have moved from one place to another. Email makes it so simple to keep in touch.

Trust your friends. Nurture your friends. Appreciate your friends. And be mine.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

I have always figured if I have ONE good true friend than I have accomplished something huge.
I have many aquaintances ...some are a bit closer than others ... but TRUE friends...sigh... another good post :)

Colette Amelia said...

yes indeed where would we be without our friends? Especially the ones who make us feel good and even better the ones who make us laugh and how lucky are we when we get someone who makes us feel good and makes us laugh like you?

I often think about giving up sugar but then I go have a cookie and it cures me.

tearese said...

I love the ocean analogy. My husband is far more social than I am, and has several female friends, but he is always careful not to cross the line. I can see why women would feel weird about it...your spouse is supposed to be your best friend, and its very easy to start confiding in someone else, which takes you away from becoming close to your spouse. I knew women at workplaces (who weren't LDS) who developed friendships with men at work or on the internet. It didn't take long before they started publicly complaining about their husbands' faults, and wishing they were more like these other men. I worried about their marriages.