Saturday, May 3, 2008


This is what you see on Main Street in Lehi, Utah. The newest business and it's a humdinger.

Here is the business end of Charlie Boy's new venture.

We've known Charlie for a long time, or it seems like a long time because this boy is larger than life--a real character--it would take a dozen normal men to have this much personality. Maybe more. Maybe two dozen.

This is a terrible, terrible photo of him, for which I apologize. Usually he has a grin on his face and a light in his eye. I am pretty sure Phil was giving him grief--they do that to each other and then they laugh like two mental escapee's--no offence to mental escapee's intended.

Charlie and his sister-in-law and brother-in-law have just opened this new walk-up barbecue stand in Lehi, Utah, a little town just north of where we live. We were out that way yesterday so we thought we'd stop and say hello. After all, they are almost open, we thought. As it turned out they had been open for 20 minutes and already had plenty of customers. Even the military.

The porch offers colorful rockers.

There are plenty of picnic tables.

There is even a shady tree out back to sit under--that is if it would stop being WINTER so people could thaw enough to want to sit in the shade.

Here is "Beauty," ready to take our order. Isn't she cute?

And, since she is "Beauty," I must call Charlie Boy "The Beast," even though he's far from beastly. He and Phil are giving each other a hard time--like always.

So, when you see the historic Lehi Roller Mill, take that exit.

Follow Main street to 88 west and when you see this sign, screech to a stop or pull around back for the best darn barbecue you've tasted since leavin' The South, Ya'll.


Teresa said...

I haven't left the South, but that still looks like a good Barbecue place! I'll take the Pork BBQ Platter with BBQ Baked Beans and Potato Salad. Oh, and I'll take a large diet Coke!

Sounds like a fun day -- shopping and eating. :o)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

looks yummy prices are great too!

Bax said...

I actually do get up that way a few times a year and now I'm making a turn off the interstate!! Thanks for the heads up! Can't wait!