Sunday, May 25, 2008


Once there was a woman who thought she had stories to tell. "It's all about the stories," she said. And then she set down to write and joined a group. The self-designated leader of the group poked a non-bony finger and scoffed and she ceased to write.

Later, much later she thought she still should write so she gathered her wits--what few she had--and her self confidence and started again. Too bad she didn't know the rules. "I'm too wordy," she said, because she was.

Again she started but said, "I'll just please myself and write my own stories." And she did. She joined a group. Her stories pleased only herself and she was happy. If one of her children were in the stories sometimes the stories pleased them but she wrote only for herself. "To understand myself," she said. Sometimes the group laughed--not often but enough for encouragement. Sometimes they gasped--okay, only small gasps, but even small gasps are satisfying.

She longed to be a better writer. Smarter. To know the rules. And so she continued to say, "Yes, I'll be part of the BYU Writer's and Illustrators for Young Readers workshop," and then she did nothing. Wrote nothing.

And so it goes. Will this be the first time she will go unprepared? She knows more now, enough to know she's not going to be a great writer but does that give her the right to slack? Does that give her the right to not try to be at least adequate? Or maybe better? Surely by death she will be better. Does she have the right to not try? And die--way, way in the future--better?

Her honesty makes her wonder.


Pam's Place said...

Well, of course she has the right not to try, but she won't be happy with that choice. She is a talented writer, and she continues to learn and grow in that talent. She cannot fail. Unless she quits trying. She's not a quitter. She might be a slacker, for a day or two, but not for long. :-)

Michael Rawluk said...

She will write and edit and write and edit. She will look at writing like it is a pea pod. You have to remove what looks like beautiful green vibrant material to get to the seed of the writing.

I can't sleep so I thought I would get up and write some nonsense here.

Marcie said...

At times 'intention' is all one needs to get started. The beginnings are always the hardest.
She'll get to wherever she thinks she's going!!!
Thanks for visiting today.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I hope she writes ... and writes... and writes...

Catherine said...

Lynnes, let me quote the movie "Little Miss Sunshine" (the grandfather answers to his granddaughter who is afraid to lose a contest ) :
"Losers are people who are so afraid of not winning, they don’t even try."

whirligigdaisy said...

Write Away, Lynne. Right away.

Love DeAnn

Aprilyn said...

That person will keep writing because she loves it and she's good at it. I hope she will enjoy the workshop. Her kids will one day look back and be so thankful that their mother kept writing. I love reading stuff my Mom wrote.

Cindy said...

She better keep writing!! She brings a smile to my grumpy face in the mornings!!