Thursday, May 15, 2008


This is my new favorite store. It's in Springville, Utah. 101 East 200 South. It's Called Real Deals. And inside--and outside, too--are real deals. The prices are unbelievable!

The kid is not for sale but he was a good ornament until he wandered off.

This store is only open two days a week. Actually more like 1 2/3 days.

Thursdays 10:00-7:00 and Saturdays 10:00-3:00.

This is Pam. She is demonstrating the first thing we found. Mean people this way and...

...nice one. She one of the nice ones.

Here's what you see just inside the door.

The owners and a cute sales girl. The owners are on the right. He swept the floor while we were there.

Around every corner there are cute things to decorate with.

Pam needs to buy this white picture frame on an easel. It would be perfect for her new black sofa table--which she hasn't painted yet. When she does she will go forth and decorate it with all these cute things.

We each thought this should be in our house. It was hanging from the ceiling.

See all the candlesticks? There were 40% off. I asked how long the sale was going to be on and the girl said, "Just today. Each day we are open we put something different on sale."

"What is going to be on sale on Saturday?"

"We dont' know yet. What ever we have a plethora of, we will put on sale that day."

This isn't good. That means I'll have to call every Thursday and Saturday. Or, more hardship, I'll have to drag a friend--Pam will go, I'm sure of it--and actually go there.

Even the bathroom is decorated.

A cute vanity for you to put in your own bathroom.

Even the hallway is filled with neat things.

These are some neat sayings to think about:

"The hand that gives, gathers."
"Too cute for words."
"The soul is awakened through service."

I love the first and the last and if we did the first and the last we would be the middle one.

You KNOW this one is true.

This one is for Phil. ~I love the way you love me~ He's good at it. He could teach classes. He could teach me.

And this is good advice. Go forth and shop. You won't be sorry.

PS It's a franchise. Maybe there's one in your neighborhood.


Pam's Place said...

If you go back on Saturday, be sure to call me if they have any really great deals. For sure we can go again next Thursday -- I want to look at that second mirror and reconsider it.

I love the way my early birthday gifts from you look on my table. Thank you, dear friend.

stampingqueen said...

I'm so jealous. This is seriously the cutest store. I highly doubt that there is one here in Hawaii, but you know, Cameron is looking for a new job. Hmmmmm..... OK, just a fleeting thought, but you never know.


Ps - I love getting comments from you on my blog. They always make me smile (and then I share them with Cameron, but he doesn't get it because he doesn't read my blog...).

Cris n Nick said...

That's my new favorite store too, the only problem is the commute, it's a killer!
Thanks for your comment, you are seriously one of the most hilarious people I've ever been acquainted with, seeing your comment was like...a little stroke of genius buzzed in and landed on my world. I'll take all of those I can get!

Aliki2006 said...

Sounds like a fun place to visit--and browse--AND buy!

Anonymous said...

Recommendation: blogs that are sprinkled with fiction are impossible to read. It's like listening to someone's dream. Horrible. You may want to rethink your mission statement.

Michael Rawluk said...

I always buy myself a Birthday present. It is always a surprise when I open it.

Catherine said...

It looks a nice shop! When you go back on Thursday (too late for saturday) with Pam, don't forget Lynnes, to buy me "If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy". : )
That's for me!