Friday, May 30, 2008


I've been keeping a note or two of things I've overheard here and there.

In our family room:

Minkey, our annoying, Burmese cat was complaining, meowing, with his smoker’s voice. Phil said, “Minkey, you need your own little house with it’s own little fireplace.” He paused a long time and then said, “In Burma.”

At the cemetery:

Woman: “Oh I forgot to bring flowers.”

Man: “Well,” he said, pointing to a headstone, “there’s some over there.”

At a restaurant:

Young man: “What can they do, fire me?

At a gathering:

Young woman: "You’re early.”

Man: “Yup, I got the worms.”

At a gathering:

"She's been in love with him since she was fifteen."

At my Personal History group:

"I like to play video games on the computer but I know it's a waste of time so I started listening to the the scriptures while I play. Is that wrong, somehow?"

In our Sunday School class:

"We've decided we have to grow up and quit spending money whenever we want to." Then he paused and looked crestfallen. "I sure hate it."

Also at our Personal History group:

"I started out in geology but then I realized that rocks don't have any personality."

Between a husband and wife.

Woman: "What was a noise?"

Man: "It was a duck in my pants and I shot it. There might be more because they come in flocks. You never see a lone duck."

(I had a hard time not snorting when I overheard this.)

At a restaurant:

"I couldn’t get to sleep last night; I just couldn’t get comfortable. Then I found a piece of popcorn in my belly button."

Overheard about a man and woman who had ten kids. He was a grumpy fellow, I guess.

"Well, he must have been happy ten times, anyway."


Michael Rawluk said...

You had me snorting a few times.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

TOOOOOOO funny I am going to have to listen better from now on LOL

stampingqueen said...

These are hilarious! I love to people watch in general. People do, and say, some strange things when they don't think anyone else is around.

You always crack me up. And I love, love, love your six words each day. I'm thinking of starting an daily piece of useless trivia...still working on it.

Love ya,

tearese said...

those are all pretty funny...especially the popcorn one.