Saturday, May 31, 2008


Colette Amelia is one smart girl. She always gives me something to think about and with my very little Winnie the Poo-type brain it is sometimes a stretch. Anyway, today she said something that made me sit up and take notice. She said, "...we have many gifts that we do not appreciate and in many instances we don't even know we have...and they are things that many would love to have."

So, I am sitting here thinking what gift I have that I don't appreciate or perhaps ever know I have. I think I may be "a gatherer."

I am a gatherer of things--for instance, last week a friend of mine cleaned out her basement and gave away boxes and boxes of mason jars. I knew if I brought any home there was going to be TROUBLE. So I did. And there was. And there still is. There is much muttering and grumbling in the land. And in the house. And in the car, where the bottles still reside.

They go, "tink, tink" when we go around corners or over bumps so they are a constant reminder that Lynne brought home more "junk." But, I was justified in bringing the bottles home as I might need them, especially if the beans sprout and grow and prosper. Then the dilly bean machine will have to ramp up and I'll need those tinking bottles.

Here is a picture of dilly beans.

And here is a picture of some of the things I have gathered and put together in my living room. I do so love things. And Jesus--I love Jesus. Can you see his picture? He is looking over Jerusalem. Sorry the photo isn't better.

I am a gatherer of ideas: I have the most glorious ideas which no one seems to appreciate. Sometimes I am so unappreciated that there are rolling of eyes in the land and the car and the front lawn and maybe even at church, where I really try not to be too glorious with my ideas. But, honestly, I do have some great ones.

I am a gatherer of people. There are interesting people around every corner. I have never met a boring person and some of them are fascinating. Everyone has a story and I am all about the story. And the friendships.

I am a gatherer of food storage. We are counseled by the Church to store a year's supply of food, clothing and money if possible so we will be prepared in times of need. So, I buy food when it is on sale and trundle it down to the basement. I don't have a year's supply but we could exist for a while--we might have some strange meals but we could eat. And if we had to sprout wheat and eat just that I suppose we could live for a fairly long time.

My favorite place to shop is in the basement--even when it is blurry--and unorganized, which you see is both, in this photo. It's almost always cheaper to go downstairs to shop than running to the store for a can of mushrooms or tomato paste. See? Strange meals, tomato paste and mushrooms on sprouted wheat. Yum.

I am a gather of information. I love new information and learning new things. I used to be constantly taking a class. I listen to talk radio. I watch The Food network. I surf the Internet, doing research on things I'm never going to need or use. I watch informational type TV shows, well except for "Lost." Who knows what kind of TV show that is. Confusing, that's for sure.

So, whether it's a gift or not, I'm a gatherer. What gifts do you have?


TeamGornold said...

my hidden talent is a very good eater of dilly beans. i think we should get together, ya see, you have the beans and i have the mouth and belly. perfect!
love you much, you lil' gatherer.

Cindy said...

My gift is being a giver!! Today we cleaned out the garage and I found boxes and boxes of mason jars!! This is the truth!! Would you like some??

I also have a pair of drapes, a set of cute little bedside lamps, computer speakers, several pairs of roller blades (I'm sure you could have fun with those and/or break a leg), and old bike, and some Christmas lights that only light up halfway!! I would be happy to sent you anything your little heart desires because I am a giver!!

Catherine said...

I'm just like you, Lynnes. If our both family lived together, our husbands would turn mad!
Since we live in an apartment, I can afford to store food, not even a double dose of food item! You would be anguished to lack of something. But our cellar is full of old toys, old children stuff I can't help but keeping it. It COULD serve again.
I'm also curious of every thing.
I love to gather people around me :
my family (I'm the only one to organize family reunions) , our friends, my children's friends. . .
And I also find in each guest, qualities.
I'm a "present-giver" but often when presents aren't expected. I love the surprise effect.
I'm instintive in cooking.
And I get a gift with toddlers, we love each others.
How many qualities! I think that's the reason why my husband is always there, even with all my stuff.

Mildred Bergemeister said...

My hidden talent is the ability to keep my talents so well hidden that nobody knows that they are there.

It prevents jealousy.

I even hide them from myself.

Colette Amelia said...

I have a talent of retaining water...that then presses on my brain.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I don't know what hidden talent I have but, If I should find it I promise to let you know :)
I can be a dilly bean eater and I think I have a couple mason jars...

Karen Deborah said...

ummm I'm an encourager. I think if a gatherer could can all those veggies she could also find a place for the tinkie jars, and gather up some more maters, and cucmbers and make pickles because if you've been to the grocery store lately you've noticed like everybody else that food is going up by dollars not cents. Never in my life time have I seen anything like it. I love Jesus too.

Aprilyn said...

I'm not really sure what to put here. I know I'm blessed with musical talent oozing out of every pore. I WISH I could play the guitar but I have no money for a guitar or lessons.
I am a believer and a knower. I'm a believer in my husband as he works on his PhD, a believer in my kids..especially my 9 yr old who has such high anxiety that he thinks he can't do anything. I'm also a believer in Jesus Christ. I don't have to work hard at my testimony. It's just there. I just believe; no, I just KNOW. I know that Joseph Smith saw God the Father, and his son Jesus Christ. I know that Joseph was told not to join any of the Churches that were around him at that time because none of them were true. I know that the church which Jesus formed here on the earth when he was alive, has been restored through Joseph Smith. I know that Joseph Smith translated an ancient record of the people who lived on this continent many many years ago. How do I know these things? I've prayed about them...and I just know.