Sunday, May 18, 2008


Today in Sunday School our teacher talked about tithing. I grew up knowing all about tithing. I learned to pay my tithing before anything else. If my tithing wasn't paid first I had an uneasy feeling--still do--so it gets paid first.

Later, sitting in Relief Society I had the thought that maybe I should be "paying" tithing on my "days." Sort of a time-tithing. Would I pay 10% of my waking hours or the full 24?

What would constitute a tithing of a day?

Scripture reading for sure. Studying for Sunday School and Relief Society lessons. Visiting the sick would count. Maybe just visiting anyone would count. Fixing meals for someone who has a new baby or for someone who is sick--that would count, I think.

I used to write letters all the time. I still have people say things like, "I was cleaning out my dresser and found a note from you." I think that would count.

I think writing my personal history would count. I need to spend more time on it anyway.

Certainly genealogy would count.

Temple attendance would count.

Prayer would count.

I think journal writing would count. That is my one big regret--not keeping a journal when the kids were little and not keeping a journal when the kids were older or right this very minute, when I STILL DON'T KEEP A JOURNAL.

So, I'm thinking about this and wondering how I would keep track of time-tithing.


Catherine said...

Lynnes, are you sure you don't keep a journal? You keep a blog, that's the journal of today technology!
Concerning the price to pay/not to pay for our good or bad actions, if it's exactly what you mean, we will all have to pay for something, or something we haven't done, we're not perfect. The essential is that the price we've already saved by our good actions stay upper to the price we owe or will owe! The balance!

Cindy said...

I love the idea of tithing my time and have been trying to make sure I spent more time wisely this year. I really regret not keeping a journal when the kids were little too. But I raised six children. How do you find time to journal when you have little ones?? Well, that my justification, not sure if it works.

I think it is great you are blogging now. If you turn this blog into a book you can definitely count it as a journal!! At least in my book!!1

N7GMT said...

So someone said this to me, once upon a time, and I've never been able to shake it, so I'll <cough>curse</cough> you with it too. :-)

Do you want blessings based on your net or based on your gross?

Think about it.

Colette Amelia said...

I will have to give this some thought and get some good ideas for tomorrow.

I was trying to see what usefulness to the world I contributed today...I saved about 8 worms from drowning in the rain, I dug up some plants to donate to a school garden, I donated money to the red cross to China, and Michael donated to Burma. Small things really but they made me feel very good!

Astromom said...

I like all these comments. You certainly give yourself in tithing time-wise. I have had those same thoughts before too, about giving at least 10% of ourselves in service. Thanks for the reminded to keep a journal about my young children.