Saturday, May 10, 2008


Are your kids like this? Wanting to do something nice for mom but each having a different vision of what nice is? Certainly nice to your siblings isn't in the picture.

And my daughter-in-law has started a blog. She is one funny girl.

And DeAnn mentioned me on her blog. That's not why I recommend you go there. I recommend it because anything DeAnn says is note worthy and because she has a brand spanking new step-mom and she already loves her. I am so relieved. I was worried.

And yes, I am happy that DeAnn has blogged. She is going through a major stress and is working through it. As so many of us are. She talks about her mom hating Mother's Day. I did for years, for exactly the same reason DeAnn's mother did. I focused on my inadequacies. I think any woman who raises kids will feel inadequate. We forget that each child learns in a different way. Some by listening to wisdom, some by ignoring wisdom and stepping in front of the bus. But, they all learn and who are we to say, "'Do it my way."

So, for today, for tomorrow, which is Mother's Day, I am saying thank you to my own mom for letting me step in front of the bus and being there in case I happened to ask for a Band-Aid, which I didn't, but should have. Things turn out all right.

My own mom was not perfect but she was the perfect mom for me. She did lots of things you do or your mom did or maybe neither one of you did. She didn't do things she maybe should have and she did things that were good, too. SHE DID THE BEST SHE KNEW HOW. We all do. And for that I think God is standing in the wings, clapping and saying, "You go, girl."

So, I hope every mother has a good Mother's Day, whether they think they are living up to their standards or anyone else's. I'm having company over and guess what? The kitchen floor is sticky. There's some dehydrated spinach there that is going to take some major scrubbing to get off--I'm not going to do it, not today, anyway. The bathroom is not spotless, in fact the garbage isn't even dumped. I'm not going to worry about it. I'm going to cook some food, make a salad, butter some bread, slice some strawberries and pour yogurt over the top and call it good. Mostly I'm going to love everyone who comes and that's what's important, I think. That's what mother's do.


Michael Rawluk said...

My mother was the best mother to ever walk on this Earth. It had nothing to do with whether the floor was was clean or sticky. Whether the trash was emptied. It was her undying love. Even in her last years when stricken with Alzheimer and unable to perform the simplest task or speak, I felt her love. She was basically like a new-born baby but her love still flowed out.

Alisa said...

I have to say Happy Mothers Day to a friends mother-
You have to be the reason, in part, why I love her so much!
Hope you enjoy your day!

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Lynne, you said it all so well!
Have a wonderful day!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Happy mothers day to you...
HUGS Laura

The Queen said...

Amen Siser Amen!

The Queen

whirligigdaisy said...

Happy Mother's Day. Hope you are well.


tearese said...

wow, how many moms hate mothers day? My mom was always that way as well, though she's lightened up a little in the last few years.
Happy Mothers day!

S.Ghosh said...

happy mother's day and moms all around the world are so sweet ...i pray for them

Astromom said...

Thanks, I loved reading that it made me feel better. I think this was the first mother's day I didn't feel a little blue and worry about expectaitons on myself, it was nice. I just took the holiday casually and just enjoyed my children.

Aliki2006 said...

I hope Mother's Day was wonderful for you...!

Catherine said...

How I love your non-perfect-wisdom, it's truly rare to notice.
I would have liked your Mother's Day meal with all its simplicity.

So I would have wished you a not so-perfect-Mothers Day answering to YOUR standards. Today is too late, always late, you see I'm not perfect either.
Now, I have to read and encourage DeAnn

Catherine said...
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