Monday, May 5, 2008


Tall, blond, Lord Bumhampton was getting perfect grades. There was only one thing keeping him from total perfection—well two things: he pretty much thought his parents were clueless and he had dreadlocks: ratty, blond dreadlocks. It took effort for a blond boy to get his hair into such a state but Lord Bumhampton was a hard worker and it had paid off. Those dreads were amazing.

One day he asked me if I would do some volunteer work for the Art Department at Timpview High School. I would have walked through fire for any of my kids, even dreadlock’d ones so I said yes.

I walked to the school with a prayer in my heart. Please, Heavenly Father, just let me see one kid with hair worse than Lord Bumhampton. I repeated this prayer over and over until it was tattered.

When I reached the front door, a student in the “commons” saw me through the big windows. He rushed to open the door, smiled and said, “Hi.” He was one of those boys I would have liked to write to his parents about. He was so polite, so considerate, I’m sure they would have liked to know.

And he had bright blue hair.

Sometimes prayers are answered so quickly it takes your breath away.

PS If that boy’s parents could just have seen Lord Bumhampton's hair their prayers would have been answered too.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

please please please say you have pictures and that you will post them !!! Please :D

Laura ~Peach~ said...

ohhhh I have pictures of the week my son begged me to put etention in his hair and I did it... he had braids down the middle of his back and I also have many pictures of the different things he would talk me into doing with his hair when he was in highschool they are SOOOOO fun to look back on now!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

EXTENSIONS... sheesh

Muum said...

LOL! My worst hair kid was my son, who volunteered to let someone shave a "W" on the back of his head for spirit week at school. we all lived thru it, thank goodness!

tearese said...

my brother had blue hair, then purple, then pink, then big spikes. After the shock of the first one, my mom stopped worrying about it.

Anonymous said...

So that we can all be clear... the dreadlocks formed themselves and took no effort at all. in fact, the initial formation was unintentional. So, although it's true that I am a hard-worker, this is not true because of the majestic experience of my teenage locks.
Fortunately I am not a Yogurt Flavored Child. unlike some siblings I know.

Anonymous said...

And that is why I call him "HEED"


Astromom said...

I love the way you ended the story.

Jules said...

I wanna see pictures of the lord and Blue boy. 'Cmon. Please. Please.