Monday, May 26, 2008


Church talks: Gratitude. Hope. Personal mission.


Anita Bower said...

Re. your questin:

"How did you ever happen to see this? This is a beautiful photo." on my photo "Savage Rest Stop"

I was coming home from running errands. I stopped to take photos of Amish horses. This was painted on the road. I never figured out what it meant. It is about 1 mile from my house.

How did you find my photoblog?
Glad you visited!

Anita Bower

Cris n Nick said...

Again, you have entertained and enlightened me with your blog wisdom. I planted peas next to my pumpkins, I hope that goes okay. I'm excited to try your summer salad recipe, I love basil too, and I am the only person in my household who will eat tomatoes, so I need to know something fabulous to do with them.
Thank you again for your pearls of wisdom and humor. I tried to go off sugar once....I don't talk about it-it was awful.