Monday, January 12, 2009


We went to the bishop's house tonight for Family Home Evening. They had "Family Home Evening, group two" of the BYU ward coming but only nine could come instead of the eighteen that are in the group. The bishop started off by saying the church likes to instruct, inspire and teach but that they weren't going to do any of that tonight. And then we played Bunko. Both Phil and I won prizes, which we gave away. A package of Oreos and the DVD "Dark Knight." (We have "Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother," with Gene Wilder and Marty Feldman at home--from Netflix--, waiting to be watched and how can you compete with that with Dark Knight?)

It is a nice place to be, in the Bishop's home. His wife is fun and has a darling laugh which she is generous with. They have a HUGE golden Lab, Sonic, that is one of the family. They gave him a large rawhide bone at the beginning of the evening and by the time we left there was only a little nubbins left.

They ordered pizzas from Brick Oven, my favorite restaurant on planet Earth, and then had chips and salsa and after the games, banana splits. They send all the leftover food home with the kids.

They are a good example for me--this bishop, who loves the kids so much and his wife who loves them too. Their life is good, they have had their share of trouble, maybe more than their share but they don't complain. They laugh and joke with each other and you can tell their commitment to the Savior and to each other is deep and real. They strenghten me. Bunko and all.


Michael Rawluk said...

You mean, how could Dark Knight compete with the Smarter Brother?

Pam said...

Is that a byu bish or a local bish?

N7GMT said...

You're kidding! It has been years since I've seen Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother! I'm not saying it was a great movie, but it's one that's hard to forget.

"We were identical twins … but he was more identical than I."

Ah, the mammaries…

jj said...

sounds like a great evening with the Bishop