Tuesday, January 27, 2009


"If you have a brain like mine and when you are as old as I am you can think up some amazing things."

Not the exact quote but close--and he is an amazing boy. I adore him.

(Pictures of his sister's birthday party to follow, maybe later today.)

This should be said by ALL of us. We can and should think up some amazing things and then do some amazing things, too.

What amazing things will you think up/do this week?

I'm going to start planning my lesson for Relief Society--I teach in March. Read the scriptures and the
Ensign. Make an amazing dinner--I can't for the life of me find where I saw that recipe yesterday. Figure out who I can assign two new features I want to incorporate in our Relief Society Bulletin. And deliver some late birthday presents and Christmas treats--I know, a month late! sigh These may not be amazing to you but to me, today, IF I GET THEM ALL DONE, it will be amazing.

And call Pet's Mart and sign Kramer up for potty training classes. sigh.


Colette Amelia said...

does Pet Mart have an in house therapist too? that dog has some issues...maybe he was taken away from his mother too soon? Or maybe he just likes ripping up toilet paper and rugs!

You are amazing everyday!

TeamGornold said...

I am amazing, 'nuff said!

tierneyzan said...

Your grandson is very cute and wise. I will look forward to the pictures of his sisters party. I want to come over for dinner. Yes, I am still trying to diet. That naughty Kramer and his renegade relieving of himself. You are a patient Mom and doggy Grandma.



Annette said...

You are amazing in the way you embrace everyone around you and help us feel loved!

Shawn said...

I wish that I could hear you teach in RS. I bet you are an amazing teacher!

I think that the amazing thing that I will do this week is give hugs to everyone in my life...how's that?