Friday, January 2, 2009


See this face? I think he might have been the mastermind of the next few but then again...those other boys are just as interesting. "See my nose holes?" I'm sure with the new camera you will be able to see individual hairs. Nice to anticipate, huh?
Seconds before a sneeze, perhaps?

"Oh, yeah? I can out-sneer everyone."
"Dad, don't sneer. Yawn, like me."
These were taken way back in June, why they showed up now I have no clue.
These girls don't bother with mere sneers. They go for the full face pulling and then...
...they can't help it. They laugh.
Twins, don't you think?


Colette Amelia said...

hmm I have read that aliens like to do examinations of their specimens...I can see that there is a full report going out to the mother ship!

and with pictures to boot!

Michael Rawluk said...

Have the men in the white coats arrived with that special jacket that was specially taylored for you?

Nishana said...

Ha ha.. All those expressions, they made me laugh.. Reminded me of the many funny pictures I've taken of my friends when we were in college!

hillary said...

The oldest, and most likely the strangest of your sons has spinach in his teeth. How embarrassing for him.

Astromom said...

very cute, even with the faces, how blesse you are to have these kids.