Monday, January 26, 2009


Sorry I didn't blog last night. I had blog-block. Here's yesterday's "More fun" post.

When I got to church yesterday I nearly broke a rib leaning across the passenger seat to lock the back door and the front door and then...with a little clown car humor...the doors unlocked. All of them. More leaning, more ribs protesting, more locking, more unlocking. And more. And more. I'm not sure, but I thought I heard a little muffled car laughter. "Muffled." Get it?

Kramer was on the piano last night. Yes, the piano.

The last sanctuary of the cats. Not on top of the piano, just on the covered keyboard part. I think the top of the piano, and the clerk, are about the only places he won't be able to reach. And hopefully on top of the kitchen table.

This is the clerk. (And yes, some of the Christmas decorations are still up.)

Here's a close-up of my little Laplander girl, Lizbet. You can see why I don't want her to be used as a chew toy.
Kramer's perch this morning, where he barks at...nothing. Oh joy.

The fun never stops.

AND I stepped on dog poo IN THE HOUSE this morning. (Holding my head in my hands. I don't want to talk about it.)


Camille said...

What a beautiful piano and clerk. Just gorgeous!

Colette Amelia said...

the furniture is tres beautiful. Kramer is a lucky dog for having such a patient loving grandma...isn't there a dog whisperer around? Maybe an out of work horse whisperer? Or a preist to do an exorcism? The dog is clearly possessed.

The cuteness leaves after a while doesn't it?

I love love love the lap lander doll and you tell him a thing or two that it would be very hazardous to his living arrangement if he even thinks of destroying it...

but I have to admit he is cute and funny as long as he is cute and funny at your house!

hillary said...

I just told the girls that you stepped in pooh and Ru said "mom can I see?" They both came running down to check out the poo poo toes.

Where do they get their grossness?

hillary said...

You new name is "poo poo toes"

YFC (remember?)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

you must love Kramer very much ... he would not like me after all his shenagans... he would be crated unless I could persistantly baby sit each move he makes... I guess that is why Hank and Squirt live OUTside!
Grins you have much much more patience than me!

tearese said...

That is so weird how your car does that. It must be haunted.

Shawn said...

Poo-poo toes? Hmmm---I have had my share of that myself---I have taken to looking before I step!

My pups are litter boxed trained, but they occasionally get distracted or are too lazy to get all the way in----in a word---disaster!!

I am a bit freaked out by your vehicle...

Annette said...

I love your furniture. Those are some amazing pieces. Are they antiques from your family? I'm glad I'm not the only one with decorations still up!

Tierney said...

Oh, no! I cringe to hear about the poo-poo. I hope you were not barefoot!!

Yes, the clerk is very, very lovely. You are a great photographer. And that little Kramer is quite charming. I love little doggies. Also the Laplander girl is just gorgeous.

I loved your silly "muffled" pun. That type of humor is right up my alley.



Bonnie said...

I know everybody else said the same thing, but your clerk and piano are gorgeous pieces of furniture. I hope Kramer didn't scratch the piano, but he looked so cute in the photo. He is so short, how in the world did he get up there?

Michael Rawluk said...

Why bother locking the car. Just leave a sign in it say "Please steal this piece of crap car." It will be safe.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Kramer doesn't have to scratch the piano. My children scratched THEIR NAMES IN IT long ago. sigh. I'm not naming names, they know who they are.

The clerk belonged to a great aunt that I never knew, died when I was a little girl. It is one of my most treasured household items.

I guess we will have to go to Pet's Mart for potty training. The poo I can see and remove and sanitize the carpet but the other? Who knows and it driving me s-l-o-w-l-y out of my ever lovin' mind.