Monday, January 19, 2009


How much can a person take?

I have a friend who people love to hate. She's a good substitute teacher, actually wants the kids to achieve but I guess the kids have a problem with her methods and now she is banned from a school. Why don't they--The powers that be--sit down with her and work something out instead of just handing out mandates, saying hurtful words? One person almost foamed at the mouth--not related to the school situation but over another issue. She's willing to change if she need to but she needs some dialogue so she knows how the situation can be solved to everyone's satisfaction. The Powers that Be should sit down with her, calmly and say, "Let's work this out together." Instead they threaten and hurt her feelings and rant and rave and never does the problem get solved. How much can my friend take?

I have a friend who people take advantage of: Friend one: "I forgot my money, will you pay for mine? Again! And again? And again?" Friend two: "I love you...I hate you...wait, you mean everything to, I've changed my mind. Get. Out. Of. My. Life." Oh, and before you go, "You'll have to pay for me and buy me stuff." Friend three: "Sure, you can go with us." Then, once they are there--40 miles away, they say, "Oh, we've changed our mind, we're not going home so you are stranded. Good luck with getting home." Why don't these people tell her right off, "I'm going to take advantage of you, I'm going to be a four-letter-word?" This friend gives and gives and gives. Worries and worries and gets hurt time and time again. How much can my friend take?

I have a love/hate relationship with myself: I want to look better so I will not eat the cake. Oh, wait, maybe I will eat the cake, just a little piece. Augh, why did I eat the cake? Look at my face, I want my skin to be beautiful, I'll eat well so it will be fed...except for the See's Bordeaux. Except for the processed food. Except for...except for.... And I say I will exercise. I say a lot of things. How much of not doing what I say I will do can I take?

There are hundreds of instances of people not getting what they want, deserve, desire, etc. Some of it is their fault. Some is not. Some is their fault but not totally. How much can they/I take before they/I say "Enough!" And after the "enoughs" are sounded they/I need to do what it takes--and it takes courage. It takes courage for sure.


Colette Amelia said...

oh my...there are more crazy people out there than just me and my ebay coat fixation!!

you are so right it takes courage. And you know what else helps? Having wonderful friends like you and Michael who say all the right things and help crazy people get their head and heart balanced...

thank you so much!

hillary said...

I'm sad because I am heavy so I eat cake to feel better. Makes sense to me.

I am getting better at not being the girl that people take advantage of. It's hard to still be nice while not being a wart.

Oh this gotta love it. Or maybe just wait for the second comming?

tearese said...

Friends are trouble. Oh wait, maybe that attitude is why I have so few "real" friends. Hmmm.
My mom is a teacher. She taught kindergarten for 20 years. She got a new principal that didn't like her teaching style. There were some parents who agreed...but occasional parents had felt that way throughout her career. The principal felt it necessary to tell my mom every time a parent had an issue with her, and she was sure to let her know that she agreed with the parents.
After a few years, the principal told my mom she had to teach an older grade, or get fired. My mom chose the older grade, and was depressed for three years. She likes it now, but it was a hard transition.
People DO need to communicate better!

Annette said...

Lynne, you are such a wonderful friend.

Bonnie said...

Having been a school teacher, I realize how hard it is. What grade does your friend sub in mostly? I know that teenagers can be totally vicious these days if they want to be. When I was in 8th grade I complained about a teacher and my dad said to get a grip and do what the teacher said.

Alas, gone are the days of parents and prinicpals saying that the teacher is right and to do what they say.

Michael Rawluk said...

I have a love/hate relationship with myself except there doesn't seem to be toomuch love.