Saturday, January 24, 2009


Yesterday Kramer brought me a gift.He kept some of it. He's generous but not totally generous. He has made such a mess that today the floors got vacuumed and then I found this on the couch and more on the floor.

"Kramer! What have you done?"
He showed me. He is a big dog now and thinks he has every right to jump on the furniture and on top of the furniture too, just like the disobedient cats.
He got his prize. What you lookin' at? I can't be bothered with you. I have a mess to make.
So, I cleaned up Kramer's mess...again...and looked at the table in the living room and thought, well, since this is about the only place in the house uncluttered I'll take a picture.
Five minutes later we heard a crash and when we went upstairs we found books--that should be on the table--on the floor and my little Laplander girl had been moved. Kramer, of course took off . I could hear his toenails clicking in the kitchen.
This little Laplander is one of my favorite winter decorating items. She had been moved, I'm guessing the wee dog with clicking toenails had something to do with it.

Since she is made of wood--hand carved in Norway--I think Mr. Clickingtoenails thought she would make a nice chew toy. She now sits on the clerk--a small desk that is too little to be a secretary. I don't think he can jump that high.

The fun never ends.


Annette said...

I would say that Kramer lives a very charmed life in your home!! Pets will do that to you.

You asked what we had for dinner. My sister-in-law made pork loin cooked in the crock pot with apple pie filling and cayenne pepper. Very tender and yummy. Yams or potatoes, asparagus with holindaise sauce, and bread. I made a oatmeal coconut cake for the first time which was very rich. If you like coconut, I'll bring you some mini ones. Thanks for your inspiration!

Bonnie said...

How old is Kramer? I hope he is still a puppy. This could give you hope that he will grow out of this as he gets older. Have you bought him any rawhide chew toys or pigs ears. Little dogs LOVE to chew on pigs ears. Good luck!

I loved the pictures. Your new camera is terrific and so are you!

hillary said...

That rat dog needs a swift kick to his tiny little hinny.

I'm glsd you moved the girl, I have always liked her.

loveyouforever h

hillary said...

whoopsie "glad" stillloveyouforever.

TeamGornold said...

why are you cleaning after lizzies mutt? you are extremely patient! hope you like your new dog kramer!
i love you guys like crazy, can't wait to see you all again! probably sooner than you think given my place of employment!
love you much!

Tierney said...

The Laplander is lovely. What a beautiful decoration. I hope it will not get turned into a chew toy! When we next come to town, Azzy and I will come over and those two can shred tissue together. Apparently they both understand that activity's hidden charms!



Shawn said...

My puppies would shred every tissue in the house if they could---but I keep the bathroom door closed, so they can't get the used tissues in the trash...

These dogs! They are exasperating, but oh, sooooo cute!