Saturday, January 10, 2009


I "Googled" "phone images" and got page after page after page of cell phones. This was the ONLY non-cell phone I got until page seven. Phone calls from the kids:

Today one of my boys called from the grocery store, asking what went in lasagna. Then he and his wife bought everything for lasagna except lasagna noodles.

Later he called with good news about his and his wife's education. I was so pleased for them. Three miracles--or tender mercies--for them. They will both graduate earlier and don't have to take some of the classes they thought they had to--money and time saved.

My daughter called to ask us to dinner but I didn't have time to talk to her because I was busy taking the "old-woman" out of my hair by making it brown again. The color is called, "Brandy." I don't drink it but, obviously, I wear it.

When I called her back to ask if I could bring something to dinner Phil said, "They've gone to the movie." Just then the "beep" beeped and I left a message, not to them but a discussion with Phil about how I would have gone to the movie with them.

"Only one problem, " Phil said. "They didn't ask you,"

I pouted with words and whined a bit and then, when I had made my point, I hung up. Then, after we had been to Costco--WITH AT LEAST SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT OF THE PEOPLE IN UTAH--I called again and she said she had made everyone listen to my message and that her husband said I was crazy. And then I heard him correct her. "Crazier!" he said.

So today was a fun phone-calls-with-the-kids day.

That's all. Such a little thing but it means so much to a mom that I can have fun with my kids on the phone, and that they call when they have good news, and that they call for cooking advice, and that we can laugh at and with each other. Little things like that mean so much to me and probably every other mom on the planet. We're funny like that.

So, call your mom and ask a cooking question or tell her some good news or just breathe into the phone. It will give her a thrill.


Pam said...

It seems that we both had a good day in reference to those chillens of ours. Thank goodness for the break in the clouds now and then. I think that you and I would both love to call our moms for just a listen. Do you know that after four years I still have mom on my cell phone on my birthday wishing me a happy birthday and saying she is sorry she couldn't come by. It is so great to hear that every twenty days. Love you my FRIEND.

JJ said...

Sounds like a great day of calls, I would call my mom, but the time difference is an issue and she is seldom in her room at the home she is in, but aparently she looks at the calender I made for her each day and smiles even though she forgets after 5 minutes its from me :)

Tierney said...

Tonight I called Papa Smith, and he said something about his other children being more "independent" (meaning they did not call as much). I told him that he is such a fountain of wisdom, and I am the one who realizes it and that he should be grateful. Remember life without cell phones? It was so much simpler, and we were in touch less often, but differently. Now it's funny we all think we need to be available at the drop of a hat, or driving down I-15 struggling to get the phone out of our pants pocket while the woman and baby in the back seat pray for their lives (DAD!).

Speaking of lasanga, I still need to make that asparagus mushroom lasagna you showed on your sight. Maybe I will have Jason make it to repent when he gets home from the game (not really, although he probably would, and he doesn't need to repent, but Sunday without the dasband is less fun).

Okay, so my comment is all about me. I love you!!!

Shawn said...

I also LOVE phone calls from my kiddies! My son always calls me for recipes---and it makes my day!

Glad you have such great kids. :)

hillary said...

I saved that message of you and Dad talking. Maybe I will save it forever. Thanks for coming down to dinner. You are a precious. I should call more.

N7GMT said...

So, "if we found a dead man in the freezer," what would be the proper cooking time and temperature ...?

Bonnie said...

Phone calls from any of my kids or good friends is better than candy. There is nothing that can brighten my day more.