Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Today a friend blogged and said she read my blog and that I do fun stuff and that her life is boring. Fun stuff? I'd trade for a boring life, really I would. Where can I sign up? Some days I'd like to run away and change my name and dye my hair and be somebody else. I won't bore you with my big problems but here's a little one that has happened recently.
Her Excellency of Mousehole has brought her wee doggie home for a while. Wee doggie is supposed to "wee" on something called a "Potty Pad." And supposed to poop there too. So far I see no pee spots. WHERE is he going? I'm frantic trying to find out. Oh my gosh, do you know what the house is going to smell like before long? Not to mention the germs, etc. I am holding my head in my hands here. I'd take a picure to show you but I've been out in the snow and my hair is a mess. Besides that, my facial twitch would scare you.

Yesterday wee doggie pooped behind the chair in the living room. I sighed a lot and shook my head and whined and twitched. Then I picked up the poop with a paper towel and put it on the Pottie Pad, hoping he would get the idea. Did he? Here's the story as Phil related it.
"Kramer came into the kitchen and drank some water," Phil said. "Then he went over to the Potty Pad and looked at it. Then he went back and drank some more water. And then he pooped by the stove."So there you see, my friend with the boring life, my life is not so fun. This is the least of my concerns but it is a concern and it's driving me s-l-o-w-l-y insane.

Twitch, twitch.


Pam said...

I hate scooping poop --- outside OR inside. So, here's to not so boring and perception and all that. I remember that new pink little girl. Good night.

Aliki said...

Ack! I would have very little patience for poop/pee pads. No do, in my opinion is too little to take his/her business outside!

JJ said...

After a recent like last few days experience with our cat having stomach issues and shall I say not always being able to make it to her tray, I can relate to your concerns

Sometimes I think I could trade in for a boring life, but think it would get to me quickly I think I quietly like the Stress :)

Michael Rawluk said...

That is exciting. I don't have to pick any poo up. Never afraid to walk in bare feet. You are so adventurous.

hillary said...

Oh my, and where was the Excellency of Mousehole when this poop parade was happening? Should I come over and wake her up? We all know how she likes that.

Shan said...

Can I just tell you how honored I was to have my own little Hillyerie's mom sign my blog today? I hear such wonderfulness about you from your lovely daughter that I already decided a long time ago that you were my friend. Maybe I should have told you too. Thanks again. Your blogs always make me giggle my guts right out.