Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Happy Birthday to our Granddaughter.
Butterfly turned nine this week and said she would choose Cherry Cream Cheese pie over a cake if she could have a WHOLE pie to herself. Her mother said she could, and then she let Grandma's have a piece out of her own private pie. Isn't that nice? It was very good.

One of her siblings sidled up to me earlier and whispered in my ear, "We're having Cherry Cream Cheese Pie." He made the pie announcement in a true secret-kid-spy sort of way. A this-is-the-most-delightful-secret sort of way

Butterfly is a wonderful girl, very "butterflyish" and she has a passion for horses and Celtic dance.

I missed the fire and the blowing-out-of-the-fire because I am technologically challenged.
"This is my own private pie. Don't bother with the cherries, I'll just eat it 'as is'"
"She's not really going to eat the whole thing, is she? I'm pretty sure I need a piece."
"Me too." Of course it sounded like "blah-blahhh" but I knew what he meant. His sister is giving him kisses. She's generous, like that. She gave both Phil and I wonderful hugs, too.

Note: ACK! My arthritic computer is acting up. Blogger took fifteen minutes to load these photos and fifteen minutes to NOT LOAD another batch. It loaded one--on my cookbook site--on it's head. It took fifteen minutes to load it wrong and fifteen minutes to re-do it--the pie photo.

So... even though I have lots more photos to load I'm shutting down before I become so frustrated that I go berserk. What's the use of spending energy going berserk if no one is up to see it and give you sympathy? Besides that, this is the second night in a row that I won't bet to bed before 2:00. I am almost in the walking-into-walls condition.

Blogger ought to be spanked, that's all I have to say.

Happy Birthday, Butterfly. You are a charming, hard working, excellent girl, who always seems so happy. Both Grandpa and I think you are wonderful.


Shawn said...

Such a beautiful butterfly! I haven't worked on my family blog in a year, because I got so upset and frustrated with loading pictures last July---so there it sits, waiting for an entire YEAR's worth of pictures to be loaded on it!

I was going to do it when I went out of town---but we were in some butt-hole (excuse my french) of a town on the border of Arkansas and I couldn't get my internet to do anything but crawl---ahhh, ain't life grand? :)

Colette Amelia said...

OK I think all these cars, dogs and now computers have been sent to you because you need to learn a lesson...what I sure don't know...maybe someone thinks you are funny and thinks you need some material for your funnyness...or maybe someone thinks that maybe if you get too much craziness in your life you will start going to bed earlier so you can handle it all better?

Yes that is it someone knows you need more sleep. And they also know you are funny!

Michael Rawluk said...

Life is an adventure in your world, my dear.

Happy Birthday to Butterfly.