Friday, January 30, 2009


This morning Phil and I sat in front of two computers and also had phones to our ears--redialing 100 times--trying to buy Phish tickets. Two hours and twenty minutes later I was frazzled. We all know that the best remedy for all sorts of malady's, including depression and frazzledness, is work, so I started to clean the kitchen. And then, since I am a little bit ADD I decided to put my letter in the mailbox. And then, still ADDing I took a walk in the sun. And then, my friend Pam just happened to drive by and snatched me from my distraction and jitterness and we went to Gloria's Little Italy.
Gloria's has moved. They are now on the corner of University Ave and Center Street in Provo. They have done a fine job of decorating......and, even though they were out of eggplant Parmesan--my favorite, the minestrone soup was very good.
I told Pam to let me take her picture. 1st attempt.2nd attempt. That's one of the things I love about Pam. She obliges my every whim. We sat in the sun--Gloria's glorious bit of sun.
In the summer we will go back and order gelato. Every flavor.Pam talked all sorts of smartness, giving me much to think about and now, of course, I can't remember half of it so I hope she stays true to her assignment and puts it all in an email.

What are the odds of my stopping in the middle of my clean-till-you-drop frenzy to mail a letter and THEN take a walk so I would still be outside when Pam drove by? And why did she drive by at the exact minute when I was outside? You may all disagree but I think the Holy Ghost nudged both of us because I needed my feathers smoothed and needed a sympathetic friend because I wasn't totally successful at ticket procuring and I felt bad.

The Phish tickets are for Lord Bumhampton and his charming wife, Nurse Giggleswitch. They are taking a road trip this summer and will go to some Phish concerts and see some of the US of A.

And by the looks of the Phish calendar front page, they will have a great time, even if we didn't get all the tickets they wanted.


Bonnie said...

I have never heard of Phish before and I was amazed that you took so much time to dial for tickets, but then when I got to the end of your blog, I understood--you did it out of your love for someone else. How terrific of you!

By the way, what did you order for lunch at Gloria's Little Italy? What a coincidence! Today I ate real Italian pizza (topped with artichoke hearts, garlic, and pinenuts) at Settebello's Italian restaurant with Nurse Giggleswitch's brother. He says it is authentic and he should know because he went on a mission to Milan, Italy.

Annette said...

That restaurant looks amazing. I'll have to give it a try. Beautiful pictures, too.

hillary said...

I wanna go there with you? It's almost half way between you and me. Lets go to lunch. Pam can come too. I need some of her wisdoms too.

I didn't know Heed and Patty were going on a road trip. How fun for those two.

Shawn said...

You always manage to make everyday such a special day---despite starting out frustrating.

You go, girl---my hat off to you and your amazing writing!

Michael Rawluk said...

The beauty of free enterprise combined with technology. The scalpers get in there first buying huge numbers. Ticketmaster get their premium for selling the ticket then permits the scalpers who have a purchasing advantage to resell on their site and Ticketmaster gets another premium.
In Vancouver, the tickets for show end up get sold at a 2500% markup. There were $44 tickets sold for $1200.

TeamGornold said...

THANKS! you guys are great. thank you so much for helping us get our tix!
love you much!

Riz said...

I don't want you hanging out with this Pam lady anymore. I never get to see my sweet mother, let alone ever go out to lunch with her.

It's decided Pam must go. I need all the bonding time with my mother I can get. I expect you to tell her your favorite child says you are grounded from her for awhile and that you are very sorry.

Tierney said...

What a nice Mama, buying Phish tickets! When I come in July can we please, PLEASE go have gelato??

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I think we should have a group meeting at Gloria's. Pam will be the keynot speaker. (She never did email me all the wonderful words of wisdom.) We will all eat galato. Riz, you certainly are invited and since when do you consider me "sweet?"

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

PS I'll order Phish tickets anytime. jitter... trauma...worry... fret...and maybe even SUCCESS!