Thursday, January 22, 2009


Today I found a calendar from 1991. It belonged to Gilmore Girl. Here is what was written on February 14th.

"This is one deeply Sad day if u haven't a man like moi."

The word "Sad" was capitalized. She must have been very sad. If she could have looked back from 2009 she could have comforted herself as she has a lovely husband and two lovely children, too.

Yesterday she blogged--here--and said: We were very civilized at our tea party. Mr Smith talked in a silly exaggerated English accent the whole time, calling Ru "Button" and Elasta Girl "String Bean". They thought he was a riot. What a good sport my construction worker, hunter is to tea party with a bunch of girls.

And then she ended with: "I love you man."

Here's their photo. Elasta Girl is elasticizing herself all over the place.

We should take a lesson. When we are lonely, hurting, sad, frightened, worried, etc. we should think: If I could look back at myself from the future I would know it will be all right. Just like it is today, for Gilmore Girl.

She has a new worry or two today and I hope she will remember that in a few years, looking back, she could comfort herself.

We all have a worry or two, don't we. Our ultimate comfort is our Heavenly Father. I had a fear myself today and I found a quiet spot and poured out my worries in prayer and before long I had the comfort I so earnestly sought. The solution didn't come but the paralyzing worry is mostly gone. It's still there a little bit because my faith isn't perfect. I'm working on it.

Things might not turn out like we want them to but we will weather the storm and get through it.

Clown Car Update:

As you may know my darling little Range Rover--that I love--has a sense of humor. It does not love to lock its doors so I drive with unlocked doors and hope a deranged psychopath does not join me at a stoplight.

Today, it was raining and so I turned on the rear windshield wipers...

...with this little switch...
...and every door in the car locked.

From now on, if I see anyone looking deranged or psychopathish I will just turn on the rear windshield wipers.


Michael Skorulski said...

Your family picture is wonderful with a beautiful light, Lynne.

Tierney said...

Oh, I know just how poor little Hilly felt. It seems like so many, many Valentine's Days have been sad ones. And it is encouraging to think when we are going through struggles that seem unbearable that maybe one day in the future everything surrounding our sorrow will be okay.

If I am walking toward you and your wipers go on, you will be in big trouble! I just got a craving for peanut butter fudge. I left one-third of my Lynne fudge in Utah so I could share with my family, and now I want it. Now I am just writing all about poor hungry me. I should have e-mailed. But you won't mind. You love me.



Lee W - The Way I See It said...

What a wonderful post! Isn't perspective wonderful. Sometimes, when things get crazy at work, I have to remind myself to SLOW DOWN and do one thing at a time.

I am glad you found solace in prayer. It's wonderful when that happens, as it reminds us that He really does listen!!

hugs- Lee

Cindy said...

Such peace is available when we cast our burdens on the Lord. I know I have felt it when things get overwhelming. I'm glad you could find that peace.

Your car stories crack me up!!

hillary said...

woah, I totally remember that one. Just kidding. Junior year of high school. What I would give to be that size again. Oh well my life is better now. Loveyourbutton.

JJ said...

Beautiful family shot, your car sure seems ot have a mind of its own