Monday, January 5, 2009


It was a snowy day today. A day to stay in with hot chocolate and buttered toast fingers. But we did not stay in. We gallivanted with the Fearless Driver, who gallivants all over the nation on "little drives."Today we gallivanted, in a snowstorm, to Daniel's Summit.
Fearless Driver and Patient Friend.Phil, the paleface wanna-be Indian and his faithful sidekick, Tonto.Fearless Driver laughs at the snow and laughs at the sleet and chuckles all through the dark of night. Nothing will stop him from gallivanting into adventures.It was a beautiful drive and I took about ten thousand photos out the car window, some once we got there and more again on the way home, using Patient Friend's camera because my battery finally said, "Enough already." 90% of the pictures were no good but I got 100% satisfaction by just clicking the shutter button.

The day was overcast and the scenery was limited to whites and shades of grey and blacks. The perfect conditions for snapping the kind of photographs I'd like to paint--not that I am really going to paint but I like to think about it. We ate lunch at the Lodge's General Store.

Phil found an Indian Headdress he said he wanted. I asked why and he said because he looked like an Indian. After I recovered from terminal laughter I pointed out to him that he is as pale as the driven snow. He said he had an Indian nose. I just shook my head and said for $1795.00 I would buy two computers. Okay, I only said that to myself but I would. Two of them. We did NOT buy the Indian headdress for Mr. Paleface. It was beautiful, though.We saw a sign that said the snowmobiles have their own bathrooms and I'll bet they are warmer than the ones in the freezer that we used earlier.
I found a hat one of my grandsons would love. I didn't buy it because he already has two of them--fur lined--and I fear his head is going to fall off from constant fur contamination.If you get tired of shopping you can linger on the porch. It's warmer there than in the bathrooms, I can tell you.
The food was very good. Next time I will get the nachos appetizer for lunch. It was excellent.

On the way back Patient Friend lent me her camera and then said to The Fearless Driver, "Let's go to Sundance." Then, every two minutes after that she said things like, "I can't believe I said that." And, "I'm the un-brave one and I have you driving up this narrow road in a snowstorm," and, again, "I can't believe I said that." But it turned out fine and was truly beautiful. Sundance got ten inches of snow today and Fearless Driver hardly noticed. Here's the entrance to the Sundance Lodge.
This is the entrance to Nirvana. Really, it is.Lord Bumhampton dunked one of our cars in this very creek one day after skiing. It was a proud moment.

This photo is for my friend, who loves fences in the snow. It's a crappy shot but it's the thought that counts, right?This is the guts of a Utah irrigation snake for my friend, Michael.
The tunnel on the way home. It's kind of cool looking, huh? You can see the white-out on the other end. It was a glorious day, just what Phil and I needed. I recommend it to all of you.When we got home there were about six inches of snow for Phil to shovel. It was a little snow-big snow day. Actually, it was the perfect day.


Colette Amelia said...

What a great adventure! love the photos, love the hat...I have one just like it and it was the best investment that I ever made. I can say that for everyone who is wondering what to invest in that will give a good return on the investment and is a safe investment in this economic meltdown...a fur hat is perfect!

maybe it won't appreciate as much as the indian headdress but sometimes you have to forego big appreciate in dollars for a big return on warmth.

Love the new blog photo!

Bonnie said...

I loved the photos. How lucky you are to have a fearless driver to take you on fun adventures. I especially loved the beautiful Indian headress. I can see why Phil wants it, but if he doesn't get it, I would love it, except I don't know where Daniel's summit is.

I just read your " A Love Story" post of Jan. 3. It is a beautiful story. You are such a gifted writer. You should give them a copy. I am sure the daughter of the couple would treasure it.

Cindy said...

You are all so very brave!! The pictures are beautiful.

Pam's Place said...

Where shall we go next time? Fearless Driver will take you wherever you want to go. Maybe we should go to Annabelle...

Thank you for the lovely fence picture!

Michael Rawluk said...

Wonderful shots (including the snake guts) and I love the story. Adventures like that make life worth living.

Tierney said...

Oh, what a lovely, lovely blog! The pictures are so lovely. Where was your first adventure? And I loved the shots of Sundance and the tunnel of excitement. I could just see Phil in that headdress too, maybe while he mowed the lawn.



Aurélie said...

Great photos and veru nice escapism.

JJ said...

Sounds like a greta adventure, Wonderful series of shots and words to document it

tearese said...

oo, I like your pretty pictures! Looks like a fun day.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

I love the banner photo! Absolutely awesome Lynne!

Astromom said...

I think this sounded like a fun adventure day. how fun.