Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This morning this is what I found in the hall bathroom. More rug plucking and now the garbage violated.


And then, Kramer came downstairs and barked, barked, barked. I pulled up the blinds to see what he was barking at. Nothing. No car. No dog. No cat. No person. Nothing. "What are you barking at?"

He almost turned around to see me but not quite and then....

...he returned to his duties. Barking at nothing.Tonight he and Minkey had a go around. He festered Minkey. Minkey growled and hissed and finally Minkey had had enough and he chased Kramer, swatting at him and Kramer was delighted. Finally one of those hissy-fit cats will play!

And then Kramer ran into the TV and whacked his noggin and yipped. Minkey slunk away to a corner and had a good cat-laugh.

Kramer let me comfort him for two whole minutes.

Then he got down and sniffed all around and peed on the carpet.

The fun never stops.


Colette Amelia said...

I bet he gave himself a concussion and maybe all that bad behaviour is because he has had previous concussions...I say get that dog a brain map, some craniosacrial therapy and throw in some reiki for good measure.

perhaps a helmet will prevent more concussions in the future...can never be too careful...second impact syndrom can be deadly!!!

hillary said...

Can you guess my favorite part of this post... Yup, the whacking of the rat dog's noggin. Kind of reminds me of this one time when Alz ran into a glass door. Have you heard that story?

I thought I was tired of Kramer stories but this one changed my mind. Keep them coming.

Bonnie said...

I love the continuing saga of Kramer and Minky and Pika. Maybe Kramer is barking at something that you can't hear or smell, but he can. My dog will be sleeping on the bed and then jump off and start barking. I really think it is because he smells the neighbor's cat outside. Cosmo has started raiding my waste baskets in the bathrooms and i hate it. Why do dogs do that?
You must be right--boredom.

JJ said...

Kramer seems ot be quite a handful, but looks so cute must be almost impossible to stay annoyed with him

Shawn said...

Yep, yep----thats what my little babies do---they hear a board creak and go off on a barking frenzy!

It drives us all to distraction!